Strategic Capital

Private Equity: Venture, Growth or Mezzanine

The Marshland Group is busy building a portfolio of companies within a wide variety of industries.  We're interested in business plans which exhibit some of the following traits:

​1.  Stellar management teams with a proven history of focus and execution.  We strongly value the character of operators who exhibit leadership, honesty and imaginative traits.

2.  Scalable business plans with a goal of achieving a private market value of $25+ million or $5 million in annual cash flow.  Start small... think BIG!

3.  Early stage companies ready to move from Startup to Growth phase.  We're seeking entrepreneurs who have a successful blueprint but need financial assistance transitioning their company to the next phase of growth.

The Marshland Group's typical investment ranges from $100k to $10 million.  If you have an existing business and are seeking a financial partner, contact us.  We are very interested in meeting you and learning about your goals.